How to search using an external search engine

How to search the web using an external search engine

While using your fantastic intranet in the course of your work day, you may want to search for something on the world wide web. Your intranet has a built-in capacity for searching the web using external search engines such as Google and Wolfram, or the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, as long as your intranet administrator has enabled this feature.

Select "Google/Wolfram/Wikipedia/etc" in search dropdown menu

  • Step 1: At the top of the page click on the dropdown menu to the left of the intranet site search box and select "Google" (or another external site) from the list.
  • Step 2: In the search box enter your search terms and hit enter or click the search button (mini magnifying glass). The search results page will appear.
Depending on the settings on your intranet, the search results may appear on their own in your browser window, or within the framework of your intranet (with the Application Toolbar, intranet name and main navigation bar still at the top). If the external search results show within the framework of your intranet, you can easily find what you're looking for on the web, and then navigate back to intranet pages by clicking on the Application Toolbar or main navigation bar.