How to add a forum

How to add a forum page

Use these instructions to add a forum page to your intranet. Forums are designed for online discussions - for sharing knowledge on varied topics, developing ideas, and asking and answering questions. By setting the page type to forum you transform the way subpages appear. Instead of showing up listed in the left-hand "tree" style navigation, subpages appear as posts in the center of the page.

First add a new page

  • Step 1: Navigate to where you want to create the new page and click "Add" in the top right.
  • Step 2: Give the page a clear title. It's a good bet to include "forum" in the page title.
    • Example: ThoughtFarmer Customer Care Team Forum.
  • Step 3: Click on the grey page type dropdown to the right of the page title and select the "Forum" page type.
  • Step 4: (optional) Choose a Forum Type from the dropdown on the left. (To learn more see "Choose forum type" below.)
  • Step 5: (optional) Select the "Lock this page" checkbox if desired. (To learn more see "Lock this page feature" below.)
  • Step 6: On the right side under Settings, click on "Edit" beside "Security". The Security tab of the Settings dialog will appear. Make sure all the right people have edit permission on the page. (See complete instructions on how to change permissions to view & edit.) Click "Done" when you are finished.
  • Step 7: Click "Save" and your Forum page will appear, ready for posts to be added.

Choose forum type

There are three default forum types available: Discussion, Idea Forum, and Q & A. Your intranet administrator may add more forum types specific to your organization. The wording for each forum type helps customize the direction your forum takes:
  • In a Discussion forum, you choose Add topic
  • In an Idea Forum, you choose Add idea
  • In a Q & A forum, you choose Add question
If you do not select a forum type, the default forum type selected is Discussion, and the wording will read "Add topic".

Lock this page feature

Once the page display option is set to Forum, a new option appears in edit mode - the checkbox "". If you check this box, people who have edit permission can still add new forum posts, but they are not able to make edits to the forum page itself - it is "locked". Only the page owner can edit the forum page when it is locked.


Publish forum content to another page

If you want forum posts to automatically feed into another page (eg. a group page), you can accomplish that from the forum page by publishing the content to another page. See complete instructions on how to publish content to another page.

Add a new forum post or topic

See complete instructions on how to add a post or news item.

Add reply to a forum post

Forums are designed for online discussions. A comment window is automatically open at the bottom of every forum post page, awaiting your reply.
  • Step 1: From the forum page, click on the forum post title to go to the individual post page.
  • Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the page, or click "Post reply" in the top left, and the page will bounce down to an open comment window at the bottom.
    • Type the text of your reply in the comment box.
    • If you wish to respond to another person's reply, click "Quote this" below their reply, and the text of the reply will automatically be added to your reply window. You can then type your own reply.
    • Click "Add file" at the bottom of the comment box to add a file as a reply. (See how to attach a file for more information on attaching files.) Add any text in a separate reply.
  • Step 3: Click "Post reply" to add your reply to the forum post.

Forum features

  • Only post titles show, not content: The title of each post (forum subpage) shows on the forum along with the name and profile photo of the post author. When you click the title you'll see the whole forum post along with comments. This allows easy browsing of many post titles. On the right of each post are the number of replies to that post, who made the last reply, and the number of new replies since you last viewed the post.
  • Sort by most recent, most popular, or A-Z: There are three options for sorting forum posts at the top left of the list of posts:
    • Recent: most recently edited or commented on posts at the top,
    • Popular: most popular posts at the top - popularity determined by a combination of most replies and likes, and most recent replies, and
    • A-Z (alphabetical): posts in alphabetical order by title (only available if your intranet administrator has enabled it).
  • Browse by Published date, Posted date or Tag: On the left-hand side of forum pages you can browse posts by published date (eg. last 7 days, last 30 days), posted date (the date the post was created, which will be different if you've created a future-dated post) or by tags (learn about tags).
  • Forum search: On the top right of forum posts there is a search field for the forum. Type search terms in the search field and click the magnifying glass and you will get search results only from posts on that forum page.