How to insert links

How to insert links to other intranet pages

Use these instructions to insert hyperlinks on your intranet pages that lead to other pages of the intranet. You'll probably be surprised at how much you enjoy inserting links using the ThoughtFarmer Link Manager.

Not only do links liven up text and make you look like a pro, but linking is extremely useful. By linking text in your page to other pages you can make it so much easier for other people to find related information quickly and easily.

Three ways to insert a link to another intranet page

There are three different, equally cool and easy ways of linking to another intranet page. You can either search for a page or file, drill down into the navigation to find it, or link to a recently viewed intranet page. See steps 4a, 4b and 4c for instructions on each of these options.
  • Step 1: Click "Edit" in the top right to go into edit mode on the page.
  • Step 2: Use your cursor to highlight the text you want to make into a link. Or just set your cursor where you want to insert the link.
    • Example: "I just discovered an awesome tool for inserting links on my intranet pages."
  • Step 3: 5.5+User+5925+Insert+link+button.png Click the "Insert link" button in the content toolbar to bring up the link dialog. (The "Insert link" button looks like a set of three tiny links in a chain.)
  • Step 4a: In the "Search" box start typing the name of the page or file you want to link to. Just below the search box you'll see a list of pages and files with titles that match what you're typing. The list automatically narrows down as you continue typing. Click once on the listing for the page you want to link to. OR
  • Step 4b: You'll see a list of the top level pages of the site in the link dialog. Click on the small triangle next to one of the pages to expand the list of subpages. Continue clicking through subpages until you find the page you want to link to and click on it once. OR
  • Step 4c: In the link dialog click "Recently viewed pages." Click once on one of the pages you recently visited to link to it.
  • Step 5: The "Link text" box at the bottom of the link dialog contains the text that will display as the link. Click in the "Link text" box and type new text if you want to change the link text.
  • Step 6: Click "Insert Link" in the lower right corner of the link dialog. The pop-up box will close and you'll see your text has changed color and is underlined.
  • Step 7: Continue editing or click "Save" at the top of the page.

Insert link to file in SharePoint library

If your intranet administrator has connected your intranet to SharePoint sites, you can insert links to SharePoint files. See instructions on how to insert links to SharePoint files in the "How to use SharePoint document libraries" section.

Open link in new window

For all of the above link options, you can choose to have the link open in a separate window when it is clicked. Just check the box "Open link in new window", at the bottom of the link dialog, below the link path.

Hot intranet tip!

Don't insert a link in "click here" text

Instead, insert the link in the text that describes exactly where the link will go.

Example: This makes it so much easier to quickly understand where the link leads to.