How to add a group page with personalized news

How to set up Group pages for collaboration & news sharing

Groups are pages with special features for adding a list of members, sharing news and working together with colleagues. Your ThoughtFarmer intranet may include a group for each department and team within your company. A group could also be called a "team workspace" or a "community."


Use these instructions to create group pages, add and remove group members, set up content subscriptions on the group page and set up email Discussion Capture for a group. Within minutes you can set up a group space where team members can share information and collaborate. You can make a group open so anyone can join or manage group membership carefully.

By enabling the center column content subscription on a group page you can ensure relevant news shows up on the personalized intranet homepage of all group members. Members can post news to the group directly from the homepage and can quickly get to group sections from their intranet homepages.

With the correct admin settings in place, your ThoughtFarmer intranet allows capture of all email threads to a group's distribution list (email "Discussion Capture") as well as syncing group membership with Active Directory security groups and email lists from your company's MS Outlook directories.

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