Overview of recent activity feeds

Use "Recent activity" feeds to find people & pages

Your ThoughtFarmer intranet captures every single action on the site and shows it in an activity feed somewhere. Recent activity feeds expose what people are working on and make it easier to discover important activities and keep up with changes.

When you save a document to your shared drive, nobody knows about it. But when you update a file on your intranet, other colleagues can see the update. Plus, recent activity feeds offer alternative ways to find information.

Not all employees can see all activity. The recent activity people see is governed by their permissions on the intranet. If a colleague doesn't have permission to view one of your groups, then the colleague won't see updates you make to that group in any activity feeds. (See how to change permissions to view and edit for more information.)

Homepage recent activity feed

At the bottom of your intranet homepage you'll see the "Recent activity" section, with three different tabs:
  • Your groups: All recent edits, attachments and comments within the groups you are a member of. (How to use group pages.)
  • Status updates: A list of status updates from all employees. (How to use status updates.)
  • All site activity: All recent edits, attachments and comments from all over the intranet.

The "Status updates" feed may not be active at first. But as employees start to update their statuses frequently with notes about what they're working on, this section can become the pulse of the company.

The "Status updates" and "All site activity" feeds are like the proverbial water cooler or coffee room in the office. Just as you may discover a useful conversation in the coffee room without planning to, so too you can learn about useful changes on the intranet or activities in the company by browsing recent activity. Just call it "serendipitous connection!"

Recent activity feed on every page


You will find the "Recent activity" feed on the right-hand side of every intranet page. That feed shows a constantly updated list of changes made to that page and subpages, including page edits, file attachment and edits and comments. Sometimes the quickest way to find a recently updated file or page is to go to the relevant section and check the recent activity feed.

Recent activity on profile shows all your activity

The recent activity feed on your profile page shows all your recent activity across the intranet. Every edit and comment you make shows up in this one place. This makes it easy to find things you've been working on.

When you go to a colleague's profile page you can see everything your colleague has been working on. This means you can navigate to updated content by people rather than the navigation structure.

Example: If you know that Chris recently updated the meeting agenda for tomorrow but you don't know where it is on the intranet, just go to Chris' profile page and browse his recent activity feed.