How to add & delete tags

How to add & delete tags on pages & files

Use these instructions to add tags to pages and files on the intranet and to delete tags. On any page for which you have edit permission you can add tags. Think of tags as search keywords that help make your page easier for you and others to find. Adding tags is easy, even fun and you can just as easily delete tags.

Tags on a page

Once you add a new tag to a page, the tag is added to the system and other employees will be able to see and use that tag on other pages. Your ThoughtFarmer intranet tagging feature includes super cool "search type ahead" technology that brings up any matching tags as you type (just like Google search results). If a tag already exists you can easily find it and pick it from the list without recreating it. You can also choose from a list of Recommended Tags that your intranet has determined would be helpful to have on that page.

How to add tags

You can add tags either while viewing a page or in edit mode.
  • Step 1a: When viewing a page, click the "Add tags" or "Edit tags" link on the right-hand side of the page. This brings up the "Edit tags" pop-up box. OR
  • Step 1b: When editing a page, click the "Add tags" or "Edit tags" link in the "Tags" section on the right. This brings up the "Edit tags" pop-up box.
  • Step 2: In the blank box, start typing a tag. A list of matching tags will automatically appear.
  • Step 3: Click once on a tag from the matching list, or finish typing your new tag and hit "Enter" on your keyboard. Alternatively, select from the "Recommended tags" displayed by clicking on the tag you want. The tag will appear on the list in the pop-up box.
  • Step 4: Continue adding tags or click the "Save" button (or the "Done" button if you are in edit mode) at the bottom of the pop-up box. The tags will appear in a list on the right of the page.

When adding or editing tags, you can view all existing tags by clicking "Show tags panel" below the Recommended tags. This expands to show all existing tags sorted into tag bundles and unbundled tags. You can sort the tags by alphabetical order or frequency of usage by clicking on one of the sort options displayed.

How to add tags to a file

Add tags to a file in one of two ways, depending on the way the files are displayed.

In large file view, click "Add tags" below the file name, and then follow the above instructions on how to add tags.
In compact file view, click the down arrow on the far right of the file name, click "Tags" in the dropdown menu, and follow the above instructions on how to add tags.

If you are on the individual file page, follow the above instructions as though you were adding tags to any page.

How to delete tags

You can delete any tag from a page on which you have edit permission. When you delete a tag it is removed from your page, but still exists within the system so you and others can use it later on.
  • Step 1: Click "Edit tags" in the "Tags" section on the right in edit mode, or on the right hand side of the page when viewing the page. This will bring up the "Edit tags" pop-up box.
  • Step 2: Next to the tag you want to remove, click on the X. The tag will disappear from the list.
  • Step 3: Continue editing tags or click the "Done" button at the bottom of the "Edit tags" box (or click "Save" if not in edit mode) to save your changes.
To delete tags from a file, access the tags dialog by following the instructions under "How to add tags to a file", then follow the instructions above on deleting tags.

Hot intranet tip!

Add parenthetical full term to acronym tags

Are you adding an acronym as a tag? Don't just type the acronym, type the full term. This way when you and others add that tag to a page, you'll be able to find the page through searches for either the acronym or the full term.

Example: For the acronym "TLA" create the tag "TLA (three letter acronyms)"