How to view different language versions of a page

How to view the different language versions of a page

Use these instructions to switch between different language versions of a page. If a page has already been created in two or more languages then you can switch from one version to another with the click of a button. You also have the option to change your default site language when switching between multilingual page versions.

Click language icons to view multilingual versions

If a page has already been created with multiple language versions you will see a different language icon for each page version. These icons sit next to each other in the upper right-hand side of the page, just below the page title.

Language icons

  • DE: German
  • EN: English
  • ES: Spanish
  • FR: French
  • IT: Italian
  • JA: Japanese
  • KO: Korean
  • NL: Dutch
  • PT: Portuguese
  • RU: Russian
  • TR: Turkish
  • ZH-CN: (Simplified) Chinese

Switch between language versions

To switch from one language version to another simply click the language icon on the right, just above the page contents.

You will see one language icon for each language version of the page that has been created. When you click on a language icon the page will reload with that version showing. You can switch back to the original version just as easily, with a click.

Change preferred language when switching page versions

You can change your preferred language when you switch from one version of a multilingual page to another. For instance, if your language is set to Spanish while you are viewing the Spanish version of a page and then you switch to the English language version of the page, the intranet will ask if you wish to change your default language.