Automatic translation

With automatic translation enabled, users can quickly get a version of a page in any of the available languages. Due to the limitations of machine translation, users should know that while the auto-translate feature gives a sense of what the page is about, it should not be relied upon for detailed and accurate translation.


ThoughtFarmer version 6 uses Microsoft Translator to provide automatic translation.

Enable automatic translation

  1. Go to the Administration panelAdvanced options > Configuration settings page.
  2. Type "translation" in the Search config settings box to refine the results, and then find the config setting automatic.translation.enabled5.5+Admin+6188+Enable+automatic+translation+2.png
  3. Click on the Value column beside the config setting, select the true button, and click Save.
Once enabled, pages will have a Translate option on the right-hand side of the Sharing Bar, located just below the page title. When you click on Translate a menu pops up with options to auto-translate to only the enabled languages, or to request professional translation (if enabled). See the Languages page to learn how to enable languages.