Discussion capture

Discussion Capture

Discussion Capture pages are synced with a distribution group or mailing list. Once configured, all email messages sent to the group are captured and stored within ThoughtFarmer.

Enable/Disable Discussion Capture

Discussion Capture is disabled by default on new installs. Once you enable Discussion Capture, a new admin page appears at the Administration panelNotifications section > Discussion capture page.
  1. Go to the Administration panelAdvanced options section > Configuration settings page.
  2. Type capture in the Search config settings field to narrow the config settings results.
  3. Find the config setting discussionCapture.enabled
  4. Click in the Value column beside the config setting. The default setting is false.
    1. Select true if you want to enable Discussion Capture.
    2. Select false if you want to disable Discussion Capture.
  5. Click Save.

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