Calendar Subscription Tokens

About Calendar Subscription Tokens

When a user imports a ThoughtFarmer calendar into their Outlook or OSX Calendar application, a token is generated to allow them to access those events. To manage these tokens, go to the Administration panelAdvanced options section > Calendar subscription tokens page.

This page lists all of the tokens that have been generated, including information about who the token belongs to, what calendar page it is for, when the token was last used and when it was created.


For each token, the administrator can choose to deactivate it, which will prevent the token from accessing the calendar associated with the token. Deactivated tokens can be re-actived by clicking on the Activate link.

Tokens can also be deleted by clicking the checkbox next to the token and then clicking the Delete Checked button at the top of the page. When someone leaves the company, deleting any calendar tokens belonging to that user will prevent them from continuing to access calendars on your intranet.


After a token has been deleted, a user can resubscribe to the calendar and generate a new token from the calendar page.