Purge deleted information

Purge deleted users and pages from your intranet

When pages or users are deleted from ThoughtFarmer, they are still recoverable by intranet administrators using the Restore content or User management pages of the Administration panel.

It is possible to permanently delete pages and users from the database, using the Purge deleted information page. You may want to purge deleted information if limited disk space is a concern. It is strongly recommended that you have an up-to-date backup prior to purging the database.

You will not be able to purge users who still have comments posted on the intranet. (When a user is deleted, their comments show as being posted by "Deleted user", however the comments are still connected to that user profile.) Deleting all of a user's comments will allow you to purge that user, but this may leave fragmented conversations on your intranet. If you want to purge users while retaining comments they have posted, contact ThoughtFarmer support for assistance with this.

Purge deleted information

Caution! Performing this action will permanently delete information from the database and render that information unrecoverable.
  1. Go to the Administration panelContent section > Purge deleted information page.
  2. Select the Purge deleted users checkbox to permanently delete deleted users.
  3. Select the Purge deleted pages checkbox to permanently delete deleted pages.
  4. Click Purge.
  5. Click OK to confirm the purge.