Bulk update users

If you need to change a lot of user information at once, use the Bulk export users and Bulk update users features to export the information into an Excel sheet for easy updating and importing.

Bulk update Regular user information

In order to update user information in bulk, you must export the existing user information into an Excel file. The maximum number of users that you can upload at a time is 500, so apply filters on the user management screen to preform a partial export if necessary.
  1. Go to the Administration panel: Users & security section > User management page.
  2. Use the filter, sort, and query tools to find the desired set of users (see Find users for more info).
  3. Click Bulk export filtered users in the top right.
  4. Open the file and make edits to the user information in Excel. You can switch to the Security Profiles Excel sheet to view user membership in security profiles, however this sheet is read-only - you cannot make changes to the security profile membership via this sheet.


  5. Save the file.
  6. Go to the Administration panel: Users & security section > Bulk update users page.
  7. Click Choose File (7.1.1) or Browse and select the Excel file with the updated user information.
  8. Click Preview, and review the table to ensure all information is appearing in the correct columns.
  9. Click Update users at the bottom to proceed, or click Back if you need to make changes to the information in the Excel file.