Supported mobile devices

The ThoughtFarmer mobile version will automatically be presented to users that access the intranet URL on a supported mobile device. There is no device specific mobile app that needs to be installed. The current list of supported devices are:

  • iPhone with iOS4 and above
  • Android 2.2 and above
  • Blackberry 6 and above
In addition only WebKit browsers on the above devices are supported. That would be Safari, Chrome, or the Android default browser.

Network configuration for ThoughtFarmer mobile

Getting ready for ThoughtFarmer Mobile requires different steps depending on how you currently access your intranet.

You currently can access ThoughtFarmer from anywhere on the internet.

No additional setup required. Once you upgrade to ThoughtFarmer 6+ you can navigate to your regular intranet URL from your supported mobile device and you will automatically be redirected to the mobile web version. If you haven't already done so, you may want to consider purchasing and installing an SSL certificate so all traffic is encrypted.


You currently can access ThoughtFarmer only from your internal network.

If your intranet is not currently available over a regular internet connection then you will need to make changes to the way your intranet is accessed in order to utilize the mobile version. There are 4 ways you can accomplish this, each with their own benefits and concerns:
  1. Accessing your internal network using a VPN
  2. External access using port forwarding
  3. External access by setting up ThoughtFarmer in a DMZ
  4. External access using ThoughtFarmer Cloud edition
Preparing your network for one of these options not only allows for mobile access but general access for your employees from home or while on the road. Our experience has shown that adoption is greatly increased when users can access the intranet when outside the office.