Customize site settings

Customize site settings using the Theme page

The Site settings section is the first tab on the Theme page. These are the most visible attributes available for customization.

Site width

The site width sets how wide ThoughtFarmer will display in a user's browser.
  • Fluid width: The default value sets the width of the site to the current width of the browser, up to a maximum width of 1440 pixels (recommended).
  • Fixed width (974 px): The recommended width if you prefer to use a fixed width site.
  • Custom width: You can also specify any other fixed width value in pixels.

Site icon

You can set an icon that displays in the browser's address bar, commonly referred to as a favicon. The favicon is displayed in the browser tab, or to the left of the site's URL, as depicted in the image below.

  • Site icon file: You can upload an icon file here. Files must be of type .png

Site background

You can choose an image to display as the background of your site if you wish. Please note: Because adding a background image to your site has a large impact on your intranet's look and feel, we recommend that you try it out on your staging version of ThoughtFarmer and/or chat with a ThoughtFarmer rep before implementation.
  • Site background image: Choose the image that you want to display in the background on your intranet. The image will repeat if its width is smaller than the browser window, so to prevent that, make sure your image dimension is at least that of the widest possible browser width.
  • Site container background color: (optional) This color overlays the site background image.
  • Site container background opacity: (optional) The level of opacity of the site container background color.

Site logo

The site logo displays in the top left of the page. It also functions as a link back to the ThoughtFarmer homepage.
  • Logo image: You can upload the logo image here. Please note that if you choose Select new image and you save changes the old logo will be lost. There is no ability to revert to a previous version on the Theme page.
  • Site logo margin: By adjusting the margins you can change how close the logo image is to the top left corner of the page.
Depending on the size of your logo, you may also need to adjust the overall height of the header so it will fit. You can modify this by customizing the header & footer.

Notification email logo

This logo appears at the bottom of notifications emails sent from your intranet to alert you to changes to intranet pages.7.0Admin9478NotificationLogo.jpg

Desktop notification logo

This logo appears on the left side of desktop notifications that appear to alert you to changes to intranet pages.

Site sign in heading

You can upload the login image here. This image is only used for the Forms authentication login page. If you are using exclusively Windows Authentication then no logo is necessary here.