Customize tabs

Customize tabs using the Theme page

The tabs section of the Theme page allows you to customize font and color for both the main navigation tabs as well as the mini-tabs that appear throughout your ThoughtFarmer Intranet.

Main navigation tabs

Mini tabs

Tab Options:

  • Specified background and font color
  • Background image

Specified background and font color

You can specify the background color and font color for the tabs in their normal and selected states. The main navigation tabs and the mini tabs can each be styled with their own color scheme.

Background image

A single graphic can be created to specify the background as well as hover and selected color or gradient for the tabs. There is a photoshop template available under this Theme tab that can be modified to customize the tabs.

The tabs graphic consists of a 1 pixel wide, 160 pixel high image. The top 80 pixels is the background of the tabs navigation bar. The bottom 80 pixels is the color used for hover and selected effects for the tabs.

If you are going to use a gradient for the hover and selected color then the gradient stop color at the bottom of the image should match the Background Selected color for the tabs on the Theme page. This is because the Background Selected color is used for the bottom bar of the tabs. If your gradient differs from this, it will cause a visible line where your tabs meet this bottom bar.

The graphic should be saved in GIF format. It is also recommended that you maintain the preset dimensions for this graphic. This will assist in optimizing the time it takes your users to download it to their browser.

If you use a graphic for this then the Theme option Background Color for both Main navigation and Mini Tabs will have no effect.