Customize portlets

Customize portlets using the Theme page

Portlets are the rectangular boxes throughout your ThoughtFarmer intranet that hold different sections of content and controls. An example is the Page Actions Portlet that gives you options to "Edit" or "Add" a page. Different types of portlets can be uniquely styled on the Portlets section of the Theme page.

Portlet options

  • Portlet Styles: The borders for the main portlets can be customized. You can choose the width and colour for the top and bottom borders. You can choose the colour for the right and left borders, but the width is not adjustable for these to maintain layout consistency.
  • Body Styles: You can specify a custom font family, font colour, and background colour for each of the main portlets. Best practice is to leave the font family consistent with the rest of the site. However, you may find a font variant that brings just the right touch to your site.
  • Background image: As an alternative to a single background color, a background image can be uploaded and applied to the desired portlets. This allows for gradient or image backgrounds.

Simple portlets

Simple portlet options will affect most of the small portlets on the site. This includes the RSS Feeds portlet and navigation portlets such as the Compact Directory and left hand Treeview portlet.


Heading portlets

Heading portlets have titles along the top of them. Some examples are the Recent activity portlet, Quick Polls portlet, and the User favorites portlet. Changes to the heading background and style will also affect the display on the dashboard for news group headings.


Page controls portlet

The Page controls portlet is the context-dependent list of available actions on the right side of a page. This is where users can add, edit, and reorder pages, as well as other available actions.


Treeview portlet

The Treeview portlet appears on the homepage dashboard and on the left side of any page in Left navigation layout. The main colour and styles for this portlet are specified under Simple Portlets; however the Background color setting under Treeview portlet specifies the background colour for the current page and its children in the Treeview.