Manually create discussion capture pages (7.1.0)

Manually create Discussion Capture pages (7.1.0)

The manual method works with any mail or distribution list. This can be an external mailing list run through a 3rd party such as Gmail. All that is required is that you can access the settings for the mailing list in order to add addresses.

Before you begin

Incoming email must be enabled. Check the Incoming email page. You will need this email address for configuring Discussion Capture manually.

Manually create a Discussion Capture page

  1. Add the email address from your intranet's incoming mail screen (Administration panelNotifications section > Incoming mail page) to the distribution group.
  2. Go to the Administration panelNotifications section > Discussion capture page.
  3. Click the tab Manually subscribed mailing lists.
  4. Enter the mailing list email address in the Mailing list email column.
  5. Enter a name for the page in the Archive Title section.
  6. Ensure that Archiving is set to "enabled".
  7. Click Add in the Action column.
  8. Click on the name of the page in the Archive Title section. The newly created Discussions page will open in a new browser tab.
  9. Click Move in the right side action portlet. Then move the page to where it should reside on your intranet using the Move page box. (For complete instructions see How to move pages.)
  10. Click Save changes to confirm the move.