Manage polls

The poll feature of ThoughtFarmer allows for users to select from a set of pre-defined answers to a survey-style question. When enabled the poll will show as a portlet on the right hand side of a user's homepage.

You can restrict a poll to certain users by giving View permission to only those users you want to vote on the poll. The most recent poll that a user has permission to view is the one that will show on their homepage.

Globally enable/disable polls

In order for polls to show on users' homepages, the polls portlet must be enabled in the homepage settings. Polls are enabled by default on a new installation.
  1. Go to the Administration PanelHome section > Settings page.
  2. Under Layout > Portlets, select the "Show current poll (right column)" checkbox to show the most recent poll. Deselect the checkbox to hide the poll.
  3. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Define who can create polls

By setting the permissions on the poll's main page you can change who has the ability to create polls and edit existing ones.
  1. Go the the Administration PanelHome section > Polls page.
  2. Click View security in the right hand actions portlet.
  3. Click Change... to modify the permissions.
  4. Uncheck "Inherit permissions from parent page" to modify the default settings.
  5. Click to select a name or security profile, and then drag-and-drop between columns to change security settings. Type in the Search box to narrow results in the three security columns. All users that you want to be able to create and edit polls should be in the "View & edit" security category. All users that will only answer polls should be in the "View only" security category. Usually, you can just use the predefined group "All registered Users" here.
  6. Click Save to save changes.

Learn more about how to use the Security dialog to change security settings.

Add a poll

Once enabled, a new poll can be added at any time. Multiple active polls can exist on the intranet at one time, however, only the most recently created poll that a user has permission to view will appear on a user's homepage. So before you create a new poll, make sure it is okay to have the last poll disappear from users' homepages. Past polls can still be linked to, and can be viewed and voted on from the individual poll page.
  1. Go to the Administration PanelHome section > Polls page OR click View past polls in the Poll portlet on the right hand side of the homepage.
  2. Click Add on the right of the page.
  3. Fill in the title or question of the poll where it says Enter a title.
  4. Add a poll response in the Type the text of the option here box, and click Add. Repeat to add more poll responses.
  5. Click on the drag handles on the left of a poll response and drag to reorder the responses.
  6. (optional) Add content in the Rich Text Editor. This content will appear only on the poll page, not in the poll portlet on the homepage.
  7. (optional) Click Edit beside Security in the page settings on the right. Change the security permissions as desired. If you do not alter the security settings, the poll will have the same permissions as the parent Polls page.
  8. Click Publish.
It is possible to add hyperlinks in poll responses by entering the full URL of the website. eg., not