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Search index

ThoughtFarmer utilizes the Lucene search engine for high-performance, full-featured indexing of pages and supported attachment file types. Read this page for information on configuring the search index, or see Troubleshooting the search index.

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Search index folder

The search index folder is located on the web server where the ThoughtFarmer application runs. The location of the folder can be found and configured from the ThoughtFarmer Administration PanelSearch section > Search Index page. By default the folder is located on the C drive of the web server.

ThoughtFarmer will write and modify content in the index folder whenever there are changes made to content on the site. So activity in this folder can be frequent depending on site usage.

For optimal performance the index folder can be placed on a separate physical drive from the web application. This will provide increased I\O for reads and writes. Note that this set up will not matter for virtual hard disks.

Warning: Anti-virus software on the server should be configured to not do real time scans of the parent index folder. This can cause file locks that will result in a corrupt index. If your index is in C:\Intranet\_index then please exclude the entire C:\Intranet folder.

Re-Indexing ThoughtFarmer

At any time an administrator can re-index the entire site. This action will go through all of the content in the site and rebuild the index from scratch. Depending on the number of content items and server performance, this can take up to 30 minutes.

Re-indexing the site should not need to be performed regularly. It is only a remedy for when there is a problem with search on the site. Please see Troubleshooting the search index for guidance on when to re-index.

Supported attachments and iFilters

The content for any attachments uploaded to ThoughtFarmer can also be added to the index. This allows for search to return results for queries that match content inside the actual attachment. The ability to support indexing of a particular file type is dependent on the iFilters that are installed on the web server. The default ThoughtFarmer checklist requires that the following iFilters be installed:

Adobe PDF iFilter: Allows for indexing of all PDF files.
Microsoft 2.0 Filter Pack: Allows for indexing of all MS Office file types.

Please see either the Windows Server 2008, or Windows Server 2012 pages for links to the proper versions of the above filter packs.

Additional file types can be indexed if there exists a Windows compatible iFilter for them. To add an iFilter for a new file type and make it available for ThoughtFarmer indexing you will need to configure both the server and ThoughtFarmer accordingly.

Adding a new attachment type for indexing

  1. Install the iFilter on the ThoughtFarmer web server.
  2. On the server go to Start > Administrative Tools > Services. Look for the ThoughtFarmer Service and restart it.
  3. Go to the ThoughtFarmer Administration PanelAdvanced options section > Configuration settings page.
  4. Search for the config setting files.extractedText.extensions and click in the Value column to add the appropriate extension(s) to the list. Click Save.
  5. Go to the ThoughtFarmer Administration PanelSearch section > Search index page. Click Update extracted text column for all documents.
  6. Wait 15-20 minutes for that to finish and then click Rebuild search index on the same page.
The update may take some time to complete depending on number of pages on your intranet.