Tagging overview

Use tags to find content faster

You can enhance your intranet by making relevant content easy to find through the use of tags. Tags are additional terms added to content that affect how it is retrieved in search results. You can use tags to filter search results to show only content with a specific set of tags. A separate boost setting can be applied to tags. This allows for finer control of what is returned during a search query.

Tag bundles allow further classification of content by grouping specific tags into sections. When searching content, tag bundles organize tags into logical groups. They also show when adding tags to a page.

Tags can also be added to user profiles to be used with the Expertise locator feature. This is configured differently than the tagging on pages. Please see the Expertise locator page for more information.

Add tags to a page

In the Edit tags box, users type in a tag; if the tag already exists on the intranet, it displays in a list below the field. If the tag doesn't exist, the option to create a new tag appears below the field. (This is true only if the intranet has been configured to allow users to create tags.)


Users can also choose an existing tag manually by scrolling through the existing tag bundles or by choosing one of the Recommended tags. The Recommended tags are auto-generated based on the content, title and hierarchy of sibling pages. They provide a most-likely match for tagging a specific page within the context of the intranet as a whole. Please see Recommended tags for more information.

Browse tags in search

When searching for content, tags show in their respective bundles on the left-hand side of the search page. Users can use a combination of query, facet, and tag options to filter content to find what they need quickly.
The left hand search column will change depending on the chosen set of queries and filters. The number beside the tag indicates how many pages in the current search have that tag. You can view the full set of available tags and search facets by clicking "browse" in the top search bar, which will display the browse page.

Unbundled versus bundled tags

Tags do not have to be in a named bundle. When free tagging is enabled, all tags created by users are added to the generic group "Unbundled tags". Administrators can move these tags around into the appropriate bundle(s) later by managing tags through the administration panel.

Organizing tags into bundles is recommended as this allows for the most control and clarity for tags added to ThoughtFarmer content. See Manage tags and Manage tag bundles for more information.

Allow users to create tags

ThoughtFarmer tagging can be set to allow users to create tags on-the-fly. If a tag does not exist when it is typed in to the Edit tags box, then the dropdown list has an option to create the typed-in tag.

All tags created by users will go into the generic group "Unbundled tags". Also, if Allow users to create tags is enabled, this allows users to add tags to their custom profile fields for use with the Expertise locator. Disabling tag creation means that an administrator must manually add and manage all tags available on your intranet.

Allow/Disallow user tag creation

  1. Go to the Administration panel: Content section > Tagging page.
  2. Set the checkbox Allow users to create new tags to the desired value.
  3. Click Save.