Create users

Create users

There are 3 types of users in ThoughtFarmer. Before you begin, decide which type of user to create:

Regular user: Create a regular user if you are not integrated with Active Directory or do not want this account to be tied in with your Active Directory (e.g. external access for contractors). A regular user requires that a forms authentication route be available. Additionally, you should use Regular users if you wish to use the additional features available for that account type such as: password recovery, invitation via email, and Bulk import users from excel template.

Active Directory user: Create an Active Directory user to utilize the AD integration and the automatic user creation features of ThoughtFarmer. If not using AD sync features you can still use an AD user so that ThoughtFarmer login access is the same as the user's network login access.

External user: Create an external user when you want a user to be able to use third-party credentials (eg. from Salesforce or ZenDesk) to log in to the intranet.