Failover scenario

Please note that a failover scenario does require an additional server license as it will need to be installed and maintained on a separate server. Please contact for information about our failover server license rates.

Failover architecture

Description: In this configuration, two servers are set up as web front ends, and both contain the ThoughtFarmer application. A reverse proxy is used to direct traffic to the primary server, and should it fail, traffic should be directed to the secondary server.


Failover workflow:

  1. During normal operation all traffic will go to Primary web server.
  2. Failure of Primary web server occurs.
  3. Failover mechanism will detect and route all traffic to Secondary web server.
  4. Site will be up and running and ready for use automatically. However, some content that is pulled from the local index file will be missing. This includes search, employee directory, news pages, and activity.

Note: The following should only be completed if there is a full server failure on Primary web server and the ThoughtFarmer Service there definitely isn't running.

To get the failover site up to date:
  1. RDP to Secondary web server
  2. Go to Start --> Administrative Tools --> Services.
  3. Start the ThoughtFarmer Service.
  4. Log in to ThoughtFarmer and go to the Administration PanelAdvanced options section > System Caches page.
  5. Click "Flush Cached data".
  6. Go to the Administration PanelSearch section > Search Index page.
  7. Click "Rebuild Search Index"
  8. Wait for it to complete. May be up to 20 minutes depending on amount of content.