Desktop Connector Troubleshooting

Errors installing the Desktop Connector

When you use the open for editing feature in ThoughtFarmer the installation (or upgrade) of the Desktop Connector will be triggered on demand if you are not already on the latest version. In most cases the installation should proceed without issues. If you do run into any errors please check the following:

  1. You have administrator privileges to your workstation and are allowed to install applications. Otherwise, you will need to get a network administrator to install both Adobe Air and the ThoughtFarmer Desktop connector manually.
  2. If you have a previous copy of the ThoughtFarmer DC and the upgrade does not succeed, uninstall that version and try again.
  3. You are running Chrome and have the default Flash options set. There is a bug with Chrome's Flash implementation that needs an extra configuration step in order to work. Please see How do I get the Desktop Connector to work with Chrome for more info. (If you are running ThoughtFarmer 6.5 and Chrome 26 or higher, this is no longer an issue.)

Installing the Desktop Connector on Mountain Lion with Gatekeeper

When installing the Desktop Connector on Mountain Lion with Gatekeeper you will encounter a prompt stating that the app cannot be opened because it is from an unindentified developer. To resolve this, install the application using the direct desktopconnector.air link from the download page, instead of clicking on the badge on the top of the page.

Adblock prevents DC from opening

Some system protection software such as Adblock will prevent actions required for the Desktop Connector to open when trying to edit a document directly from a ThoughtFarmer page. To fix this issue you will need to ensure that the URL or set of URLs you use to access your intranet are added to the whitelist for that software. Please refer to their documentation for adding URLs to the whitelist.