Accessing your internal network using a VPN

You can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to allow users to access your network. Once they have logged in over VPN they can then access the intranet.


  • Unauthorized users are prevented from accessing the intranet at the network level by the VPN.
  • Most organizations already have a VPN configured; this approach would require minimal architectural changes to your current server setup.

  • Mobile access to the intranet is much more difficult. While most mobile devices support VPN, it can be difficult to configure. You will need to check with your network administrator about your network's current VPN and what mobile devices it supports.
  • Users will first need to login through the VPN and then again to the intranet. Multiple logins is a major concern for user adoption.
  • If you do not have a VPN set up then you will need to invest in the hardware\software necessary and configure this on your network.

Setting up a VPN Connection

VPN connections vary greatly based on the type of VPN hardware and software that your organization currently uses or chooses to purchase. Please contact someone in your IT department about connecting to the network by VPN.