Customize mobile

Customize ThoughtFarmer mobile using the Theme page

The Mobile section of the Theme page allows you to modify the interface of your intranet's mobile site. If you have not done so already, you can set your site up to support mobile.

You can also make custom modifications to your mobile intranet under the Mobile CSS & JavaScript tab of the Theme page. See Add custom CSS and JavaScript for more information.

Font colors

Similar to the Fonts & headings section, you can customize the color of fonts on your mobile intranet for different areas of text:
  • High importance links: links to ThoughtFarmer page titles and users in news and activity streams
  • Medium importance links: links in navigation areas of the site
  • Low importance links: any link not in the above two categories
  • Links - Visited: links that have been visited
  • Links - Hover: links turn this color when the user hovers over them

Header image

The header image is displayed only on the sign-in page and homepage.


  • Header image: You can select an image from your computer to display in the header section.
  • Stretch logo image to full device width: You can allow your header image to stretch across the full width of the screen. When the mobile device's orientation changes (i.e. from portrait to landscape), the image resizes to accommodate this.
  • Mobile icon alignment: You can align the header image left, center, or right to accommodate different designs.

Home screen

Some mobile devices allow you to bookmark your application onto the Home screen, allowing for more direct access to it.6.7Admin8729HomeScreenBookmark.png
  • Mobile intranet name: You can specify a default name that will be used when bookmarking your intranet for the home screen.
  • Mobile intranet icon: You can upload a custom icon for use on the home screen.