Find users

How to find users

Find users by going to the Administration panel: Users & Security section > User management page.

Click on a field heading to sort the list of users by that heading. Click again to change the sort direction (up arrow for ascending, down arrow for ascending).

Enter a search term and click the magnifying glass to refine the list according to that search query.

Click on a filter in the left-hand column to refine the list of users to those included in the filter.

Available filters for refining users are:

  • User type: Active Directory, Regular or External.
  • Account Type: Administrator or User.
  • Account Status: Active, Inactive, Deleted, Expired, Pending or Invited.
  • Security Profiles: Any default or Administrator created security profile.
  • Group: Any ThoughtFarmer group found in the Group Directory.
The chosen filters and queries show in individual boxes along the top of the list of users. Click the grey X beside a filter or query to remove it from the search, or click Clear all on the right to remove all filters.