User management overview

User management actions overview

You can apply actions to many users at once, or to a single user. To do this go to the Administration panel: Users & security section > User management page. Available actions are shown in the "Choose an action..." dropdown.

Apply bulk user management actions

  1. Use the filter, sort, and query tools to find the desired user or set of users (see Find users for more info).
  2. Select the checkbox beside the users you wish to apply the action to (the top left checkbox will select all users on the current page).
  3. Select the appropriate user action from the dropdown box "Choose an action..."
  4. Click Go.
Bulk user management action Applies to user type Applies to status Additional notes
Activate user: Sets the status of the selected users to "Active". Please see Activate users for more info. All Inactive Pending users are made active by inviting them or setting a password.

Expired users must be sent a new invitation.

Invited users will become active once they access the link in their invitation email and set their own password.

Deactivate user: Sets the status of the selected users to "Inactive". These users will no longer be able to log in. Please see Deactivate users for more info.
All Active Pending, expired and invited users should be deleted instead, as they are not active.
Delete user: This deletes the selected user profiles from ThoughtFarmer. Please see Delete users for more info. All All Users' content must first be deleted, or have been changed to another owner (either manually or using the Change Owner tool).
Undelete user: This undeletes the selected user profiles. Please see Undelete users for more info. All Deleted When a user is undeleted, their account status is set to inactive.
Invite user to activate account: This sends out an invitation email to the selected users. Please see Activate a "Pending" user for more info. Regular Pending
If a user is already invited you must first cancel the existing invitation.
Cancel user's invitation to activate account: This cancels existing invitations for the selected users. Please see Cancel and resend invitations for more info. Regular Invited
You must cancel a user's existing invitation before you can send a new invitation.
Force password change on next login: This forces the selected users to change their password the next time they log in. Regular Active Once this action is taken the user will show with a icon beside their name.
Cancel force password change: This will clear the "Force password change on next login" for the selected user accounts. Please see Cancel force password change for more info. Regular Active Only applies to users that have been flagged to change their password. Noted by the icon beside their name.