Configure recent activity

What is the recent activity portlet?

The recent activity portlet displays in the center column of the homepage, below recent news. The portlet has three tabs - Your groups, Status updates, and All site activity. The your groups tab shows activity unique to each user - activity on groups they belong to. The status updates tab shows only status update changes, and the All site activity tab shows a variety of changes across the intranet, from new pages and files to status updates and comments.

See the user instructions for an Overview of recent activity feeds.

Show/Hide recent activity

In order for recent activity to show on users' homepages, the recent activity portlet must be enabled in the homepage settings. Recent activity is enabled by default on a new installation.
  1. Go to the Administration Panel: Home section > Settings page.
  2. Under Layout: Portlets, select the "Show recent activity (center column)" checkbox to show the recent activity. Deselect the checkbox to hide recent activity.
  3. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Recent activity levels

To control the type and amount of recent activity that will display, see change recent activity display on the homepage.

Recent activity grouping

Activities on the personal homepage are grouped to allow for a better presentation of site activity. The setting for this grouping can be changed from the Administration Panel: Home section > Settings page. The relevant section is located at the bottom of the page and appears as follows:
  • Select the number of users to display recent activity for: This configures the number of user section entries shown in the Recent Activity portlet. Each section is grouped according to a set timespan so a single user may appear multiple times if they have activity over a greater time period.
  • Select the maximum number of recent activity items displayed per user: This sets how many activities to show in each user activity section. If the number of activities during the timespan exceeds the maximum number displayed, the link "View # more" is also displayed.
  • Select the maximum timespan for showing recent activities for a user: This is the time frame for grouping user activity into sections. Each user activity section only contains activity for the specified time duration.
If one user repeatedly performs the same activity on the same piece of content within a timespan of 5 minutes, these activities are rolled up into one entry. So, for example, if a user makes rapid edits to a page, only the latest activity will be displayed for that 5 minute interval. This setting is not configurable.