Available Active Directory features for Cloud or DMZ secure installations (7.1.0)

Active Directory integration for ThoughtFarmer Cloud clients, or for installations in a DMZ where the web server is not connected to the domain, will have a reduced set of available features. We will be looking to add more features for future versions of ThoughtFarmer as we implement them using the secure method.

Included Active Directory integration features

  • Users can login with their AD account credentials
  • Automatic user creation based on an AD security group
  • Automatic user inactivation
  • AD to ThoughtFarmer profile field mappings (both read and write)

AD features not included

  • AD sync for multiple domains
  • Group sync with ThoughtFarmer group pages
  • Group sync with ThoughtFarmer security profiles
  • SIngle Sign on using Windows authentication
  • User AD password expiry warning
  • User AD password change
  • Support for nested groups in main ThoughtFarmer AD user group (must be a discreet flat group)