Set up an External Search Engine

Set up an external search engine on your intranet

There are numerous search options under the search dropdown menu in the top right of your ThoughtFarmer intranet. You can search everywhere (search all information on the intranet and connected SharePoint sites), or you can limit your search to the People Directory, the Group Directory, or SharePoint sites only. Search can also be set up to allow searches on external search engines such as Google, Wolfram, or Wikipedia.

If you choose to have a particular external search engine as the search default, that search engine will automatically be selected from the search dropdown in the top right of your intranet. If no default is selected from the external search engines, the default in the search dropdown will be "Search everywhere", or search all of the intranet and SharePoint sites.

You can choose to have external search results appear independently in the web browser, or within the intranet framework - with the application toolbar, site logo, search options, and main navigation still showing at the top. Choosing to display the search results within the intranet framework makes it easy to navigate back to pages on the intranet. If you want to keep the intranet framework at the top, select the checkbox Use external link bar when adding or editing an external search engine. Some search engines do not allow their sites to be embedded in other web services; the option to "Use external link bar" will not work on these sites.

How to set up an external search engine

  1. Go to the Administration panelSearch section > External search engines page.
  2. Enter the name of the External Search Engine.
  3. Enter the Host Name. (To determine the host name: do a sample search on the external search engine, copy the URL for the search results page, and replace your search term with the formula {QUERY}.)
  4. Check the box under Is default if you wish this search engine to be the default for search on the intranet.
  5. Check the box Use external link bar if you wish the search engine pages to display within the framework of the intranet.
  6. Click Add in the Action column to add the search engine to your intranet.
To change the order in which the external search engines appear in the search dropdown menu, click on the drag handles to the right of the Action column and drag-and-drop to reorder. To edit the name or options for an external search engine, click the gear icon in the Action column beside the search engine, and select Edit from the menu that appears.