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You can create an account at the ThoughtFarmer HelpDesk at

Once your account is created you can login to create tickets or email directly to

Things to consider when reporting issues:

  1. What browser is the user using to access ThoughtFarmer? (type and version)
  2. How is the user connecting? VPN or on the network?
  3. What Operating System does the user use? Windows, Mac? Version?
  4. What is the user's domain login?
  5. If there is a page involved, what is the name of the page or the content ID (from URL of page)?
  6. If the error page is brought up, what were the contents of the error message?
  7. If at all possible please try to include a sequence of events for reproduction of the issue.
  8. How wide spread is the issue (single user/page, multiple, systemic)?
  9. Screenshots are always very helpful. Please include them whenever possible.