Carousel news

Enable the homepage news carousel

News items featured in the carousel at the top of the homepage will draw a lot of attention. You can select the number of posts that will appear in the carousel rotation. Viewers can hover over the carousel to pause the rotation, and can navigate from post to post using the arrows that appear on hover, or the circles below the carousel that represent each post.

To add news content subscriptions to the carousel:
  1. Go to the Administration Panel: Home section > Content subscriptions page.
  2. Go to the Carousel subscriptions section.
  3. Select the checkbox "Home page news carousel at the top of the center column".
  4. Add an internal content subscription or external news feed.
  5. Click Save Changes when you are done. 

See change carousel rotation speed and change carousel transition speed to learn about configuration settings that affect the speed of the carousel.

Note that news post summaries in the carousel will always be automatically generated. The carousel does not support custom post summaries, so even if a custom summary is created for a news post and it shows in the news feed on another page, the summary in the carousel on the homepage will be an automatically generated excerpt from the post.

Image size for carousel posts

Posts that will be shown in the carousel should include a featured image that is large, wide, and high quality, to look their best. The featured image for the post will be the background for the post in the carousel, with the title and summary of the post overlaid onto the image. The recommended size for the featured image is 960 x 300 pixels (width x height). Landscape is the featured image version that is displayed in carousel posts, so if you want to adjust what part of the image will display, crop the landscape version of the image.

See How to insert images and How to add a featured image for more information.