Configure rich text portlets

Configure homepage rich text portlets

The homepage has two areas that can display additional information to users using the ThoughtFarmer Rich Text Editor (RTE). These rich text areas can contain localized content for each of the enabled languages on your intranet. These areas are:

Homepage Rich text portlet - center column: This area displays information to all users immediately above all news items on the homepage. Use this area to display information that you want to be the most highly visible. This can be used for outage announcements, intranet introductions, or anything of high importance.

Homepage Rich text portlet - right column: The right column rich text area shows immediately below the user's profile portlet or, if they have permissions, below the homepage actions portlet. This is a great place for supplemental information, links, or widgets.


Enter homepage rich text portlet content

  1. Go to the Administration PanelHome section > Portlets page.
  2. For the chosen portlet "center column" or "right column", fill in the desired content. For inserting scripts you will need to switch to the Html view by hitting the Source button in the Rich Text Editor.
  3. Repeat for each localized version by switching the language tab on the left (no tabs will show if you only have one language enabled).
  4. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Note: Custom content, such as a Twitter widget on the homepage, utilizes javascript. Scripts are stripped by default based on the configuration setting richTextEditor.contentFilters. To allow scripts please see the page RTE filtering and stripping options.

Twitter widgets can be customized and generated here.