Dashboard widgets

When you first log in to Piwik you are presented with the main dashboard. The default dashboard comes with a set of widgets. These widgets allow you to view and export data for a specific analytic report that is available elsewhere in the site.

The dashboard can be customized to represent the view and ordering of the widgets for the reports you prefer to see on your Intranet Statistics homepage.

Move widgets

Widgets can be moved to various locations on the home page dashboard. This is easily accomplished by hovering your cursor in the title area of the widget and dragging it to the new desired location.

Delete widgets

To delete a widget from the home page dashboard simply click the "X" in the top right of the title area of the widget. Once you confirm deletion it will be removed from your homepage.

Add widgets

To add a widget from the home page dashboard you can:
  1. Click the "Add a widget..." drop down.
    • Add+widget.png
  2. Choose the desired widget from the menu. As soon as you click it will be added to the homepage.
  3. Modify the default location by moving the widget.
  4. Modify the default view if desired.

Widget views

Each widget comes with a default view. Usually, the default view is the best one suited for that particular statistic. You can view the full size widget in the centre of your browser screen by selecting the Maximise icon in the top right of the widget pane. Additionally, there are a few options available in order to view the data in a different format altogether.

The basic view is the "simple table" view. This is selectable on a widget by clicking the simple+table+icon.png icon in the lower left of the widget. There are also 3 visual views that are selectable using the icons just to the right of this in the widget pane. The visual views for the widget data are bar graph bar+graph+icon.png, pie chart pie+chart+icon.png, and tag cloud tag+cloud+icon.png.

The following example shows the "Pages per visit" report for each of the available views.

Simple Table view

Bar graph

Pie chart

Tag cloud