Valuable reports

ThoughtFarmer Intranet Statistics provides dozens of ready-to-go reports available as widgets and exportable into various formats. There is a wealth of valuable information available. As well, since Intranet Statistics is using Piwik, which is a 3rd party analytics package originally intended for anonymous sites with e-commerce capabilities, there are some reports that are less valuable.

This page serves to give an outline of some of the most valuable reports in Intranet Statistics for intranet managers. It also includes some tips on how to get the most out of those reports. 

On this page:


Visitor Overview

When launching the intranet, or after an upgrade marketing push or some other call to the intranet, the visitor overview can be a very informative report to get a sense of the overall success of these campaigns. In addition, the visitor overview gives you a high level overview of the health of your intranet. It can serve as an early warning indicator of declining usage allowing you to take the steps necessary to revitalize your intranet.

It should be noted that the "unique visitors" count here is utilizing cookies to track that data. It is not using username to uniquely identify these visits. This page should be used to analyze overall trends, rather then to get exact figures for unique visitors.


Top Users

The top users report under the Visitors tab is one of the great tools to find out who is using your intranet. You can use this report to find out who your intranet champions are. By identifying these individuals you can leverage them as advocates for the intranet and also look at their usage to find out what draws them to the intranet. Also you can identify those on the other end of the scale who may need encouragement or training to feel more comfortable using the intranet to its full potential. 

TIP: The export of the top users report includes additional columns not included in the user interface. It is highly recommended that you use the export to Excel version of this report in analyzing data in-depth. This includes added columns for creates and page views per visit (page views are noted as "hits" in the report). This gives you added information that will allow you to segment users to find content creators, collaborators, and viewers. 

PRO TIP: You can apply a weighting to the exported user report in Excel to give a configurable total top user score. In the following example we have removed the unwanted columns and added a row above to hold the weights. The formula for the total in the last column is shown. Using this method you can craft your own unique definition of a top user based on overall activity. Simply re-sort the user list based on the weighted total to get this result.



Top Keywords

Knowing what people are searching for will give you an idea of what content keywords are most important to your users. This can give you an idea of the subject or title of important content and give you the opportunity to make it easier to find for your users. 

Additionally, top keyword analysis can be done over varying time ranges. For example, if you analyzed the monthly top keywords over the course of a year, or over the course of the lifetime of your intranet, you may notice trends in keyword searches that correlate with specific times. Some obvious examples are terms like "expenses" coming up and around fiscal year end. Or terms like "vacation" coming up near summer and winter holidays. Depending on your organization other time related keyword trends can become apparent. This gives you opportunity to dynamically update the homepage, or other key areas of the intranet, to make this content easier to find at the times when users are looking for it.

The following image shows Intranet Statistics keyword data over a number of months. The keywords were sorted by frequency for each month and colour coded in Excel to identify similar keywords (e.g. "expense", and "expense report"). 

Page Hierarchy

Finding out the most active areas of your intranet is a very important metric to have. You can use this information to take a number of actions, including:
  • Adding quick links on the homepage to popular pages deep in the hierarchy.
  • Finding out which groups\sections are the most active and looking for usage patterns that can be utilized in other areas of your intranet.
  • Giving this information to content authours to know which sections to target for high visibility of new content.
The Page Hierarchy report found under the Actions tab of Intranet Statistics is invaluable for finding out which are the most popular and active sections. The drill down interface allows you to go deep into the hierarchy of your intranet to find out in even more detail which sub-sections and even individual pages are being viewed, edited, and commented on the most.

TIP: The export functionality in the Page Hierarchy report does not take into account any pages you have drilled down into in the user interface. It simply exports a flat top-level report. However, in IE and Chrome you can highlight and copy areas of the expanded table directly and then paste into Excel and it will preserve the column and row formatting.


Custom goals and campaigns

In addition to the built-in reports highlighted above and in the other areas of Intranet statistics, there are 2 ways to add additional tracking that is completely customizable within certain parameters. Custom goals were designed to allow you to identify certain user actions to be tracked as conversions. Campaigns allow you to track click-through for links containing certain keywords to let you identify how users are getting to the intranet or to a certain page. Please see the pages Set up a goal and Set up a campaign for more info.