SharePoint 2010 Back up and Restore

Back up SharePoint

In order to backup SharePoint you need to have administrator access to the SharePoint Central Administration for the desired site collection. If you have never performed a backup it is best to first declare a backup location. This will be used as the default location for all subsequent back up and restore processes.

Configure a Backup Location

  1. Navigate to SharePoint Central Administration > Backup and Restore.
  2. Under the Farm Backup and Restore, go to Configure backup settings.
  3. Fill in the location of the backup folder. This must be a valid, existing location and have the correct permissions set up.
  4. Click OK.
Once a backup location is set up you can perform the actual backup. There are many variations on the scope for this. It can range from service and configuration settings to specific content and search indexes. The most straightforward backup procedure is a full farm backup.

Perform a Farm Backup

  1. Navigate to SharePoint Central Administration > Backup and Restore.
  2. Under the Farmer Backup and Restore go to Perform a backup.
  3. Select the top-level Farm component checkbox.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Select Backup Type Full.
  6. Select Data to back up: Back up content and configuration settings.
  7. Specify the backup location. The default location configured above will be auto-populated.
  8. Click Start Backup.

Once an initial Full backup has been made subsequent backups can use the Differential option instead on step 5 above.

Setting up automatic backups can be done using powershell scripts and Windows Task Manager. Please see  Microsoft Technet for more info.

Restore SharePoint

Under most circumstances a full Farm restore is only necessary if there has been a complete Farm failure. Separate components such as a specific database, a service application, a search index, and site content can all be restored individually from a full Farm backup. The most straightforward recovery option to perform is a full Farm restore.

Perform a Farm Restore

  1. Navigate to SharePoint Central Administration > Backup and Restore.
  2. Under the Farmer Backup and Restore go to Restore from a backup.
  3. Specify the backup location (if other than the default configured one) and click Refresh.
  4. Check the radio button beside the backup you wish to restore from and click Next.
  5. Choose the top-level component you wish to restore. For a full farm restore just choose the top Farm node.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Under "Data to restore" choose Restore content and configuration settings.
  8. Under "Type of restore" choose Same configuration. This will overwrite your current settings and content from the backup which is the typical restore for a site or farm failure. If you want to restore to a new configuration you will need to specify all the new names for databases, applications, and services.
  9. Enter the passwords for the site and service accounts.
  10. Click Start Restore.
  11. Monitor the restore progress on the next page and wait for the task to finish.
Once complete, all sites, content, services, search indexes and other configuration information should be restored and ready for use.