Restore a SQL database

Restore the ThoughtFarmer database from a backup 

Note: You will want to ensure the ThoughtFarmer site, service and application pool are turned off before starting this process. Any open connections will cause the restore to fail.

  1. Launch SQL Server Management Studio using an account with administrator privileges.
  2. Connect to the database server where the ThoughtFarmer database is hosted.
  3. Select the ThoughtFarmer database (the database itself may be called something else, depending on what you selected during installation) from the Databases section of the currently selected database server.
  4. Right click on the ThoughtFarmer database and select Tasks > Restore > Database. This will open the Restore Database window.
  5. On the General page, under Specify the source and location of backup sets to restore, select From device and click the ... button to specify a backup file.
  6. From the Specify Backup window, select File from the Backup media dropdown list, then click the Add button.
  7. Navigate to your ThoughtFarmer database backup file, select it, and hit OK, then hit OK again on the Specify Backup window.
  8. Under the Select the backup sets to restore listing, check the backup you want to restore.
  9. Select the Options page from the left menu.
  10. Under Restore options, check Overwrite the existing database ONLY if you are overwriting an existing ThoughtFarmer database. If you are creating a new database, you can ignore this step.
  11. Under Restore the database files as, make sure that the Restore As file paths are correct. (They will be the same paths as where the database original was housed, so if you've changed servers and/or database file locations, you may need to update these paths.)
  12. Hit OK on the Restore Database window and the database should be restored properly.