Manage custom portlets

Managing custom portlets

The first step in managing an existing ThoughtFarmer custom portlet is to navigate to the Administration panelCustom portlets section > Manage portlets on the intranet page. This is the custom portlet management screen, where you can add, modify or remove portlets on your intranet.

This page lists the portlets that are currently active on your intranet, and available portlets that are currently inactive. They are grouped by location, so that you can easily see which portlets are on the home page, the profile page and content pages.

The table contains the following information:

  • Portlet name: The name of the portlet
  • Template name: The template name this portlet was derived from.
  • Position: A portlet can be in the left, center or right columns
  • Modified by: Indicates who last modified this portlet
  • Modification date: Indicates when the portlet was last modified
  • Action: Click on the gear icon to access the actions below
    • Modify: allows you to change the settings of the portlet (name, page type, location, status)
    • Remove: allows you to remove the portlet from the intranet.
When you Modify a portlet, you can edit the information in the dialog described below under the Adding a portlet heading.

Adding a portlet

To add a new portlet to the intranet, click the Add portlet button on the right. When this button is clicked, a dialog appears allowing you to select the following settings for the portlet you wish to add to your intranet.
  • Portlet: A dropdown containing a list of portlets that you can add from your portlet library
  • Portlet name: The name of your new portlet
  • Page type: The page type that the portlet will appear on, either the home page, profile page or content pages
  • Page location: The column that the portlet will appear in, either left, center or right
  • Inactivate portlet: Select this checkbox to remove this portlet from view on the intranet
  • Viewing permissions: Select the appropriate radio button to make the portlet visible to everyone with view permission on the page, or to administrators only
  • Configure portlet: The configuration specific to this instance of this portlet. The configuration is specific to the portlet.

Updating a portlet

When the portlet's template code has been changed in the Create or edit portlets page, the message "New version available. Click to update" will appear under the portlet name. Clicking this link will update the portlet to the latest version.