API /content/{contentId}/changeowner/{userId}

ThoughtFarmer REST API Method: /content/{contentId}

Changes the owner of a piece of content to the supplied user


Response Formats:

HTTP Method(s):

Requires Authentication:
true, user making call must pass a valid token parameter and must be able to edit the content to change ownership on


Parameter Type Description
contentId int Required. The content id of the page to change ownership of
userId int Required. The user id of the person to change ownership to
token string Required. A valid token authentication parameter
Response Status Codes:
200 - Success
401 - Token parameter is invalid
404 - User not found
403 - User is not allowed to become owner of the page
404 - Content page not found

Example request
         "Value":"Page Title"
   "TreePathText":"Directory  People  David Root, Product Marketing  Page Title",
   "Body":"Page Body"