Homepage news subscriptions

What are homepage news/content subscriptions?

Content subscriptions on the homepage make sure that relevant news and information is available to intranet users at all times. Administrators can subscribe to content from internal news, blog, forum and calendar pages, or external websites, so that content from these pages displays on the homepage and is automatically updated.

News content can be added in three different areas on the homepage: in the left column, in the center column, and in the carousel at the top of the center column.

To set up homepage content subscriptions you will use two pages:

  1. Administration panelHome section > Settings page.
  2. Administration panel: Home section > Content subscriptions page.

Group news

Users also see news on their homepages that comes from groups that they belong to. If a center column content subscription exists on a group page, the members of that group can see those news items on the group page and on their homepage. Group news only shows in the center column subscriptions of the homepage. You will see this default news subscription listed on the Administration panel: Home section > Content subscriptions page as News from subscribed groups.

Users have the option to hide news items coming from their group pages by clicking on Showing # of # groups on the right of the Recent posts bar above the center column news subscriptions on the homepage. Users are not able to hide any news items that the administrator has set up to show on the homepage for everyone.