What is a portlet?

Portlets are small sections on your intranet homepage that contain different features or functions. They are like separate little windows on one page that in combination form the whole of the intranet homepage. Available portlets on the homepage are the Directory list, Groups list, random quote, recent news, recent activity, profile/status update, user favorites and current poll.

See the page Overview of homepage features and layout for descriptions of the available portlets.

Choose the portlets you want

You can choose which portlets will appear on the homepage. The items that you choose to show or hide in this section will have a large effect on the layout and function of your intranet homepage. By default, all of the portlets are enabled except the favorites portlet.

For more administrator information on the various portlets, see Quotes, Content Subscriptions (Homepage News), Recent Activity, and Polls.

Show/hide portlets on the homepage

  1. Go to Administration Panel: Home section > Settings page.
  2. Under Layout: Portlets select the checkboxes for the portlets that you want to show on the homepage. Deselect the checkboxes for the portlets that you do not want to show.
  3. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Show/hide Favorites on homepage

Favorites are always listed on a user's profile page. If enabled, favorites will also be available on every intranet page from the Application Toolbar. Favorites can be enabled to show on the homepage as well:
  1. Go to the Administration panel: Home section > Settings page.
  2. Go to Layout: Portlets.
  3. Select the checkbox "Show users favorites (right column)" to show users' favorites on their homepage. Deselect the checkbox to hide the favorites from the homepage.
  4. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.
For end user information, see How to use favorites.