Center column news

Center column news options

By default, global and group news (center column subscriptions) show in the center column for all users. This is the recommended setting to give high visibility to the information presented through the various group and news feeds on your intranet. In this setting, the full Directory listing of pages shows in the left hand navigation tree under the "Directory" mini tab. It is also possible to have the Directory show in the center column, and the global news in the left column.


Three center column layouts

Read the following sections to learn about the three layout possibilities for the center column: News - list, News - grid and Directory. See the heading Change center column layout below to learn how to choose a layout.

News in the center column (Directory in the left column)

There are two layouts that have the news in the center column: News - list and News - grid.

News - list

News - list displays the news post titles and excerpts one after another in a list style with each post taking up the full width of the center column.

News - grid

News - grid displays the news posts in a grid style, as though the news stories and images were put on playing cards, and then lined up in rows.
Summaries in grid layout will always be automatically generated. Grid layout does not support custom post summaries, so even if a custom summary is created for a news post and it shows in the news feed on another page, the summary in the grid layout on the homepage will be an automatically generated excerpt from the post.

See change grid layout title length and change grid layout summary length to learn about configuration settings that affect the amount of text that shows in the grid news layout.

Directory in the center column (News in the left column)

It is also possible to display the content directory in the center column instead. In this configuration all top level pages and their children show in Compact Directory view in the middle of the homepage. News items show on the the left hand side in a smaller format.

Change center column layout

Now that you have learned about the three possible layouts, use these instructions to select one of them.
  1. Go to the Administration PanelHome section > Settings page.
  2. Go to the Layout section > Center and left column content.
  3. Click on the icon for one of the following:
    1. To show news in the center column list format, choose News - list.
    2. To show news in the center column grid format, choose News - grid.
    3. To show the directory in the center column, choose Directory. (Also make sure that under Layout > Portlets, to check the box Show the Directory list (left or center column).)
  4. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.
See change grid layout title length and change grid layout summary length to learn about configuration settings that affect the amount of text that shows in the grid news layout.

Image size for News - grid layout

You can draw attention to news posts featured in the center column by adding images in the news posts. In News - grid layout, the added image will be the header for the news post, with the title and summary of the post shown underneath. The recommended image size for grid layout is 300 x 150 pixels (width x height).


The image that you want to display with the news post must be selected as the featured image. You can crop the image to choose which part you want to display. The featured image version that is used for News - grid layout is landscape.

See How to insert images and How to add a featured image for more information.

Image size for News - list layout

The size of images that display with homepage news in list layout is controlled by the configuration setting home.newsAndBlogs.image.size. Go to the Administration panelAdvanced options section > Configuration settings page, search for home to filter the list of settings, and find the above setting. Click in the Value column, and enter the height (in pixels) for the image when it is displayed in news - list layout.