Learn about comments and notifications

Comments trigger notifications

Once you post a comment, people that follow the page will receive an in-app notification, and depending on their settings, an email alert. Page followers may include the page owner and people who have edited, commented on, or favorited the page. If you have chosen in your profile settings to follow pages that you comment on, you'll start to receive notifications after you add a comment on a page. This makes it easy to keep up with discussions and changes to pages you are collaborating on. (Learn about following and notifications.)

Email alerts for comments are sent out after the two minute "edit comment" window has ended. So if you need to make multiple changes to your comment after posting it, an email alert is only sent after the two minute window has passed and the comment is finalized.

Click "Unfollow" to stop email alerts

To stop receiving email alerts on a specific page where you have left a comment, navigate to that page and click "Unfollow" in the share bar.
To stop receiving emails from all pages you have commented on, edit the Notifications tab of your profile settings, and under the "Get an email when someone" heading, deselect the "Leaves a comment" checkbox.

Hot intranet tip

Add comment by replying to notification email

You receive email notifications when people add comments to pages that you follow, if you have chosen that in your profile settings. When you receive an email notification with a comment in it, you can add a comment to the page by replying to the notification email. Hit reply, type your comment, and send the email. Your comment will appear on the page, keeping the flow of conversation going!