How to add and edit calendar events

Add an event

There are two ways to add an event to a calendar:

  • Step 1a: Click "Add" in the upper right-hand section of the calendar page. This will open a new page for editing. Continue to Step 2.OR
  • Step 1b: Click any day on the calendar to add an event. (Click and drag to select multiple days for a multi-day event.) The "Add Event" box will appear, type in the event title in the "What" box. Click on the button beside "Event type" to select the nature of your event (eg. Meeting, Statutory Holiday) from the dropdown menu. Click "Create event" to add your all-day event to the calendar, or click "Edit event details" and go to Step 2 to add more info about your event.
  • Step 2: Add info about your event:
    • Type the title of your event in the "Title" box.
    • Click on the button beside "Event type" to select the nature of your event (eg. Meeting, Statutory Holiday) from the dropdown menu.
    • Specify the date in the "When" boxes. Click in the date boxes to select dates from the pop-up calendars that appear.
    • To specify times, select times and the appropriate timezone by clicking in the time boxes. If the event will last all day, select the "All day" checkbox.
    • If your event will be a repeating event, check the "Repeat" box and see Add a repeating event below.
    • Type in the Content box to add more information about your event to the event page.
  • Step 3: Click "Publish" to save the page and it will show up on the calendar on the date(s) you specified.

Once your event is created, you can change the date of your event simply by clicking on the event and dragging it to the new date. To change the duration of the event, hover your mouse on the right-hand edge of the event box so that your cursor becomes a two-headed arrow, then click and drag to select the right number of days for your event.

See how to create a shared calendar for information on viewing and creating events on shared calendars.

Edit an event

When you hover your cursor over an event on a calendar, a pop-up will appear with details of the event. In this pop-up, you can click "View details" to see details on the individual event page, "Edit event" to make changes to the event, or "Delete" to get rid of the event and event page.

Add a repeating event

You can add an event that will repeat on a regular basis for a set amount of time, or indefinitely.
  • Step 1: When following the instructions above to add an event, select the "Repeat" checkbox under the "When" heading on the left. The "Repeat event" dialog will appear.
  • Step 2: "Repeat" dropdown: select how the event will repeat - Daily, Every weekday, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly
  • Step 3: Depending on what you selected in the Repeat dropdown, various options will show in the "Repeat event" dialog:
    • Repeat every: If you selected Daily, Weekly, or Monthly above, select how many of those units should pass before the next repeat. eg. Repeat every 2 months.
    • Repeat on: If you selected Weekly, select the checkbox for the day(s) of the week you want the event to repeat on.
    • Repeat by: If you selected Monthly, choose whether the event should repeat on the day of the month (eg. the 1st of the month) or the day of the week (eg. Thursday) that the initial event is on.
  • Step 4: Starts on: You cannot edit this date in the Repeat event dialog. To edit this date, close the dialog and change the date in the date boxes beside the "When" heading.
  • Step 5: Ends: Choose when the repeats will end: Select the radio button for
    • Never: Select this to have the event repeat indefinitely.
    • After a certain number of occurrences: Use the up and down arrows, or type in the box to select the number of occurrences before the event stops repeating.
    • On a specific date: Click in the box to select the end date from the calendar.
  • Step 6: Click Done. A summary of the repeat pattern will show beside the Repeat checkbox.
  • Step 7: Continue creating your event, and click Publish or Save.

Edit repeating event

When you click "Edit" on a repeating event, the "Edit repeating event" dialog will appear. You need to choose whether you want to edit just the one instance of the event, or all events in the series of repeating events. Click on "Only this event" to leave the other events in the series the same. Click on "All events" to change all the events in the series.


When you choose to edit just one event in a series, the changes you make to that event will not affect any of the other events in the series.

If you want to edit when and how often a series of events repeats, choose to edit "All events" in the series. In edit mode, click on "Edit" beside the Repeat checkbox and summary under the "When" heading on the left. Then make your changes in the "Repeat event" dialog.