How to restore or undelete a page

Pages that have been archived or deleted can be restored and returned to a normal state. Archived pages can still be viewed while archived, if a user chooses "Show archived content" in their profile settings. Deleted pages cannot be viewed and can only be restored by an intranet administrator. 

How to restore a page

In order to restore archived content, you have to be able to see the archived content. So make sure you have chosen "Show archived content" in your settings.
  • Step 1: Navigate to the page that you want to restore.
  • Step 2: Click "Restore" on the right. Your view will refresh with the page and any subpages restored.
If you don't see the "Restore" option, click "More Actions" below the "Add" button on the right, and the "Restore" option will appear.

How to undelete a page

Accidentally deleted a page and now you want it back? Fear not. Your intranet site administrator can un-delete pages. Here's what you can do:
  • Contact your site administrator immediately with the following information (and no matter how frustrated you may feel, be super nice to your site admin!):
    • List the name of the page, or at least the topic of the page if you don't remember the exact name
    • Note the approximate time you deleted the page
  • If all goes well, your site administrator can un-delete the page you deleted, along with any sub-pages or attached files that might have gone down with the page you deleted.
If you find yourself asking your site admin to un-delete pages for you frequently, please consider getting him or her some fancy chocolates or a six pack of good beer as a "thank you."

For administrator instructions on un-deleting a page, see
Restore content.