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How to edit the text, images, etc. on pages

Use these instructions to edit the text and graphics on pages and control page versions. You can easily insert hyperlinks, images, video and other multimedia from the web, delete pages, and view a page's version history.


Editing a ThoughtFarmer page is like editing a Microsoft Word document. You can format text using headings, font sizes, bullets and numbering. It's easy to insert an image in a page or embed a video or other content from another website. You can also create simple tables on a page. Every time someone edits and saves a page, your ThoughtFarmer intranet creates a new version of the page so you can see exactly what changes were made.

Only one person can edit a page at a time

Only one person at a time can edit a page on the intranet. If you try to edit a page that someone is already editing, a message will appear telling you who is currently editing the page. Click on the name of the person editing the page to view their profile page and contact info, so you can contact them if you want to know when they will be done with the page.

Page Controls have page actions

Click the down arrow on the right of the Page Header to access the Page Controls. Page Controls is an expandable section with lots of page actions available - move, archive, delete or duplicate a page. You can also view page information, security permissions, and activity (on some pages), and add tags to the page.


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