Version control

How to use version control and view changes to a page

Your intranet keeps track of every version of every page and file on your intranet (somebody's got to do it!). Use these instructions to view past versions of a page, see the changes that have been made to each version of a page, and revert the page to a previous version. You will need edit permission on a page in order to do this.

Version control on your ThoughtFarmer intranet page allows you to collaborate with other people in creating pages. Since only one person can edit a page at a time, you'll never have conflicting page versions. If you try to edit the page when someone else is editing it, the intranet will tell you exactly who is editing it and even suggest you try back a little later.

Each time a page is edited and saved, the intranet creates a new version of the page. You can see exactly what colleagues have added to the page and what they have deleted. You can also revert to an earlier version of a page if you prefer not to keep the changes most recently made. 

View past versions of a page & restore a previous version

  1. Click the down arrow on the right of the page header to open the Page Controls.
  2. Under Last updated, click Version history. This opens the Version History pop-up window, displaying the changes made to create the most recent version. (If there is only one version of the page, Version history will not display.)

  3. New text in this version is shown highlighted in yellow. Removed text is highlighted in purple. If you want to see the version without the new and removed text highlighted, uncheck the Show changes checkbox at the top left. 

  4. On the right side of the page, version numbers are listed along with the date and time they were made and the name of the user who made the edits. Click on any version to view it.

  5. If you want to revert a page back to a previous version, make sure you are viewing the version you want to revert to, and click Restore under the page version on the right. The page will reload as the version you have restored.

  6. If you don't want to revert the page to a previous version, click the X in the top right of the window to return to normal page view.
  • If no changes were made to the body of the page in a previous version, the message Version bodies are identical appears at the top of the Previous Versions window.
  • NOTE that no changes are lost: When you revert to a previous page version you don't lose any changes. A copy of that earlier page version is duplicated to create a new page version and you can still see the edits made to all previous versions.