Add a page or post

How to add a basic page to your intranet

Use these instructions to add a simple page to your ThoughtFarmer intranet. You can add pages faster than you can create and save documents and you can edit a page as many times as you need to.

Click Add and start editing!

  1. Click the Add button (plus sign) on the right of the Page Header. This will open a new page in edit mode.

  2. Type in a page title and add text in the content box just like you would an MS Word document. (See complete instructions on how to edit pages.)
  3. Click Publish when you are done. The new page will appear on the screen you'll see the title of your page in the SuperNav on the left.

Following the above instructions, the default content type Page and a default page template are selected. To learn more, see Learn about content types and Learn about page templates.

Add post to blog, news, or forum, or add an event

Adding a post to a blog, forum or news section or to a calendar is almost exactly the same as adding a basic page.
  1. Navigate to the page where you want to add a new post or event.
  2. Add a new page:
    1. Blog, News or Forum: Click the Add button (plus icon) to create a new post. You can set a future date to publish the post or make it "Sticky" so that it stays at the top of the Blog/News/Forum.
    2. Calendar: Click the Add button (plus icon) to create a new event. You can choose the event type, set the time and date(s) of the event and specify the timezone.
  3. Click Publish when you are done. Blog, news or forum posts will show in the list of posts. An event will show on the calendar on the date(s) you chose.

Date options when adding post or news item

When you follow the above instructions to add a post to a blog, forum or news section you will see three options that do not appear when you add other types of intranet pages.

  • Sticky: Check this box to keep your new post at the top of the section, even after it's not the newest post anymore. Edit the page and uncheck the box when the page is no longer as relevant.
  • Publish now: Click this to set the official publish time and date as the moment you click Publish on the post.
  • Publish on: Use this to set a future date for the post to publish and show at the top of the section. Or set a past date for a retroactive post.

Add photos to a Gallery

To add photos to a "Gallery" page you attach image files instead of adding a page.
  1. Click Add images above any images already on the page.

  2. Click Browse, browse and select the image files (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.) you wish to upload and then click Open. The photos will appear on the gallery page.

Edits are automatically saved

You still need to click Save when you are done editing a page, but as you make changes to a page, your changes are automatically saved by the intranet. While you are editing a page, if your browser crashes due to a network or internet connection failure, the changes you have made will be saved. When you log in again and edit that page (or if you were creating a new page, add a page in the same location), your changes will be there!