Change following and notification settings

Default following and notification settings

Your profile will have certain default settings for Auto-following content and receiving notifications when it is set up, but you can change those settings.

By default you will automatically start following content that:

  • you add to the intranet
  • you comment on
  • you are @mentioned in
  • you share
  • you join (auto-follows the group page).

By default you will receive email notifications when certain activity occurs:

  • a comment occurs on content you follow
  • you are added to a following list
  • an update is posted to one of your groups.

Edit profile to change following and notification settings

You can change your following and notification settings in the Notifications tab when editing your profile.
  1. Click on your name or profile photo on the right of the Application Toolbar. Click Edit profile in the menu that opens to go into edit mode on your profile page.
  2. Click the Notifications tab on the left-hand side of the page.
  3. Under the Auto-follow heading, check or uncheck any of the seven boxes.
  4. Under the Email heading, check or uncheck any of the six boxes.
  5. Click Save changes on the right.


Hot intranet tip

Two other quick and easy ways to get to your following and notification settings:
  • Click on the Alerts menu in the Application Toolbar, and then click the gear icon in the bottom right of the Notifications tab.
  • While viewing a notification email, click the notification settings link at the bottom of the email.