Emergency Troubleshooting Tips

From time to time you may encounter problems with your ThoughtFarmer intranet that you don't know how to resolve. This guide lists some scenarios that you may encounter, and contains instructions on how to troubleshoot these problems. If you don't find the appropriate solution below, please contact the ThoughtFarmer Helpdesk for assistance.

Scenario 1: No one is able to access the intranet

For Active Directory users

  1. Check the database to see if all users have been set to inactive. If users are inactive, check Active Directory to ensure all users are active. If they are not, set all users to Active.
  2. Activate at least one user through the database so they can access the intranet to troubleshoot further.
Query to perform this action:
UPDATE [user]
Set isactive = 1
where userid = ''
  1. Once the query has been executed, recycle the application pool so the change will take effect.
  2. Once a user can access the intranet, proceed to the Administration PanelUsers & Security section > Employee Directory Connector page in order to run a sync with Active Directory to activate all other users.

For all users

  1. Check the event viewer on the web server under "application logs".
  2. Check for messages related to SQL server, eg.
    1. Connection to SQL server lost
    2. Invalid credentials to connect to SQL server.

Scenario 2: A specific user is unable to access the intranet

For Active Directory Users

If the user receives an "access denied" message or is logged in as a guest member then check the following areas:

If automatic user creation is turned on

  1. Check if the affected user is in the Active Directory group that you are syncing with ThoughtFarmer. The sync group is listed on the Administration panelUsers & security section > Employee Directory Connector page for the Active Directory.
  2. If the user is not in the Active Directory group:
    1. Add the user to the group and then sync ThoughtFarmer with Active Directory. To sync, go to the Administration Panel: Users & Security section > Employee Directory connector page, and click on the appropriate Active Directory. At the bottom of the page are the On-Demand synchronization options. Run the Refresh user lookup list and Bulk create users synchronizations.
    2. Check if the user can log in.
  3. If the user is in the Active Directory group:
    1. Check if the user has a profile on ThoughtFarmer. It is possible the user has two profiles due to a name change in Active Directory.
    2. If the user has two profiles, delete the new profile and follow the steps to take when a user changes their name.
  4. If the user still has problems logging in, it is possible that the correct credentials are not being passed through the system due to multiple accounts being created. Perform a restart of the web server.

If automatic user creation is turned off

  1. Ensure that a profile has been created for the specific user before the user attempts to log in.

Scenario 3: Editing a page gives errors

  1. Go to the Administration panelAuthentication section > Active Directory page and click on the appropriate Active Directory.
  2. In the Active Directory settings section, click change.
  3. Ensure no messages appear stating that credentials are invalid. If a message exists stating that the credentials are invalid, determine the correct credentials and re-enter them into the settings area.
  4. Recycle the application pool on the web server if performance is poor.

Scenario 4: Search / Employee directory is down

  1. Rebuild the index for the site:
    1. Navigate to the Administration panelSearch section > Search index page and click Rebuild search index.
    2. Check the system logs (Administration panelLogs & statistics section > System logs page) for the message stating that the index has been rebuilt. (This will take some time depending on the amount of content you have on your intranet.)
    3. Once the index has been rebuilt check the affected Employee directory / Search directory again.
  2. Check the index folder on the web server for any temporary folders.
    1. If temporary folders exist, delete them.
  3. Check if there is virus protection software on the server.
    1. If virus software exists, create an exception for the ThoughtFarmer folder that contains the index and resized image folder.
If the issue persists ensure that no temporary folders are being made and that the exception for the virus software was made correctly.

If you need further assistance with the problem you are experiencing, please feel free to contact the ThoughtFarmer Helpdesk.

Useful troubleshooting documentation